Win a Doog Mini Belt


The all new DOOG mini running and walking belt

Designed for people who carry the minimum essentials on their dog walk or run, the DOOG mini comes with 20 scented, biodegradable DOOG pick up bags that pull out like tissues from the front of the belt (refills also available) the back pocket is designed to hold an iPhone, spare house key and some cash if required. The elastic waistband holds it all tightly around your hips so it doesn’t bounce around when you run or walk with your dog.

Available from Pet Stock or  – RRP – $19.95

Win one of 5 Doog Mini’s by simply telling us on our facebook page your favourite way to exercise with your pooch – Click here to enter

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January 31, 2012 |

11 thoughts on “Win a Doog Mini Belt

  1. alesha says:

    I love to play ball with the dogs outside or go for a walk its good for them & me.

  2. Rebecca Hamill says:

    My border collie loves swimming so I row the boat while she keeps up swimming beside me.

  3. Sharyn says:

    Rei loves a good run, so doen to the park with lots of space and a ball, lob the ball and watch her run

  4. nicole larsen says:

    she loves to chase the soccer ball and have have fun running all over the paddocks with the kids

  5. nicole larsen says:

    she loves to play soccer with the kids out in the paddock

  6. Sara says:

    I must be the worst dog owner in the world as I never thought to exercise my dog, I thought the daily runs he takes me on around the neighbourhood he was exercising me

  7. nicole larsen says:

    she loves running in the paddocks trying to chase the soccer balls

  8. DEB says:

    Everyday at 7.00am I take my GR Bella down the park through the bush she just loves swimming in the waterfalls, getting muddy and then sleeps most of the day!

  9. Liz says:

    Our beautiful JRT Gus is coming up for 15 in November, so he’s finally slowed down a bit! Our favourite pastime together is to take a walk along Rockingham foreshore where he meets many of his fur-friends, big and small. Afterwards we have a coffe break at our favourite bench overlooking the water, whilst Gus sits besides us on his cushion (he has arthritis and the bench is hard). At the same time we promote awareness of Oscars’ Law ( Gus always wears his Oscars’ Law bandana – which always starts off the conversation and we have information cards for anyone interested. We have made so many new friends this way. Sadly I’m only good at remembering the dogs names not the humans :-)

  10. Di W says:

    I have 2 rambunctious Boxers and they love to race along the beach. Young JoJo thinks that every other dog/child/ball/stick is his to play with especially if someone chases him!!

  11. Lynne Monday says:

    My daughter gave me a mini fox terrier and we go walkies twice a day around my area.We even manage a slow jog on the playing fields. This has made a huge difference to my health already with a reduction in blood pressure and the weight is just melting off me. So happy!!

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