Using dog exercise areas as the location for your daily workout is a great way to keep yourself and your pet in great shape, but there are always things that you should keep in mind when using these public areas.

You must always obey the rules of the dog park while you’re there. Failure to keep your dog under control or clean properly can still get you in trouble even though you’re exercising. Plan for your dog to be an involved part of your exercise routing before you take your pet along to exercise with, and try to prevent your pet’s boredom and wandering off to cause trouble.

Even when you go out to exercise with your pet, you still need to take the poo bags along with you and have a leash ready at all times. If you need to leash your dog in a hurry, you must have the leash with you in order to restrain them.

Just because you re exercising is no excuse for not cleaning up after your dog. Failure to scoop can carry a hefty council fine that will make your wallet lose weight instead of your body.

Always check the rules of dog exercise areas before you head in for your workout. Not all parks are welcoming of outside items like toys or exercise equipment. Balls and weights may be illegal items in your local park. True story!

Even if you go there frequently, it is a good idea to make sure that the rules haven’t changed since your last visit. Failure to read the rules every time can carry as heavy of a fine as a failure to scoop does. Even if these items are permitted in the park, you should make sure that your dog is the only one who plays with them. Many dog owners don’t like for their dogs to share toys with others.

If you plan to go running or riding your bike through the exercise area, you should train your dog for these activities ahead of time. If your dog wanders off or yanks against the leash suddenly, your workout could be interrupted. Don’t try to ride your bike with your dog unless she is used to the activity. Trying to ride a bike with a leashed dog cutting in front of you or pulling off to one side suddenly could cause you to crash. Remember that not all other animals in dog exercise areas may be comfortable with the idea of a bike. Your presence around other dogs could cause confrontations to erupt, so keep an eye out for angry dogs (or angry owners) and you’ll be sure to get the exercise you’re after without any extra acceleration of the heart rate.

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