Finding dog-friendly rest areas can sometimes be problematic when you’re on a driving vacation. If your plans involve commuting across the State or Country with your pet in tow, you’re going to need to find suitable places to stop along the way.

Here at Take Your Pet, we recommend doing this well before you set out on your holiday. We understand that travelling with your pet means some extra planning and preparation. The key to everything running smoothly (and maximising the enjoyment factor for everyone involved) is to book in your pet-friendly accommodation in advance and then plan your driving route to take advantage of the animal-friendly areas along the way.

Use the Take Your Pet website or iPhone app to plan your itinerary. Here you can find literally thousands of pet-friendly accommodation options right across Australia. Finding a pet-friendly place to stay is an absolute breeze. If you are planning to stay at multiple destinations consider that you may need to look at breaking up the journey with a few nights stay in between.

It’s important to discuss this with your family, especially if young children are involved. Decide how far you can all comfortably travel in a day. Factor in the time it will take to stop for breaks and lunch. Remember it’s not a race and there are always plenty of things to discover along the way.

During the holiday season, pet-friendly hotels and holiday homes fills up fast and are always booked out well in advance. When you are travelling with your pet, do not set off unless you have pre-booked somewhere to stay. Nothing will ruin the family vacation as much as being turned away from every place with a vacancy in town, just because Spot is with you.

With your reservations confirmed you can now work out the best driving route for your adventure. Again, use our website or app to determine the best places to stop along the way. Determine the best route by plotting out good dog parks – this gives everyone the chance to get out of the car, stretch their legs and have a good run around. For lunch, choose small towns and villages off the freeway where you can enjoy a bite to eat outside with your pet safely at your feet.

One of the ‘joys’ of travel are the unexpected interruptions and delays. If you are delayed by heavy traffic or car troubles and it becomes apparent that you aren’t going to be able to make it to your intended destination for the night, call your host immediately. Be sure to download the Take Your Pet iPhone app so that you find last-minute alternatives on the run.

Always bring plenty of food and water from home for Spot, and have toys and bedding to make their time in the car enjoyable and comfortable. Keep extra leashes and collars on hand, and remember to always keep their seat belt safely fastened in the back seat.

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