You don’t want to take your dog to just any dog park. If you’re going to make the effort to go to a designated dog zone then you want to make sure that it’s one your dog will enjoy. Their enjoyment will make the trip out of the house well worth the time spent for everyone involved.

We here at Take Your Pet would like to help you find that pet-friendly area with all the perfect options. You should take a minute to download our app. We can help you find a dog park by postcode or identify pet-friendly areas using the GPS in your phone. This will save you loads of time and helps you to avoid making multiple trips to different parks, trying to find the right one.

When you’re considering a pet-friendly area, always see what is listed at the park. If your dog enjoys a splash opt for parks at lakes or beaches. If your dog thinks that water is the scariest thing in the world, a dry park with exercise obstacles will be much better. Some dogs enjoy having wide spaces to run and play, while others just like to socialise with other animals. Do some research to find an area that suits your pet best.

The first few times you are at a dog park pay close attention to the rules posted outside the gate. Always make sure that the gate is safely closed and latched behind you for everyone’s safety. Keep your dog on leash until they are comfortable in their new surroundings. Before your dog goes off leash, make sure they are calm enough to obey your commands despite all the distractions around them.

Pay attention to the people who frequent the park. If other dogs are bullying your dog or if their owners make you feel uncomfortable, you don’t have to stay. It is important that both you and your pet feel comfortable at your chosen dog park. Your dog can sense your emotions and will become upset if you aren’t having a good time too.

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