As the weather heats up, Australian beaches are going to get more and more crowded. Spring has certainly sprung and with all this glorious weather everyone is enjoying the opportunity to soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air. Many people will be taking their dogs with them when they leave home and head for the sand. To prevent Spot from making a few enemies seaside, you’ll need to know some things before you head to the beach with him.

Here at Take Your Pet, we believe that a beach is a wonderful chance for your dog to get exercise and explore a world that he doesn’t get to see every day. While we encourage taking your pet to the beach, we want you to be aware that dogs on beaches are not the same as dogs in parks. You will need to take a few extra precautions while you are out on the sand.

Like any park you would take your dog to, before you arrive, you need to make sure that the beach you’re going to is in fact pet-friendly. Some beaches don’t allow dogs for sanitary and safety reasons. Before you rush off to take your dog to the beach, do some research to make sure it is dog friendly first. Having Fido where he doesn’t belong can net you a hefty council fine and an embarrassing exit from the beach. Our app offers help in finding dog friendly locations so that both you and your canine friend enjoy a day out or a longer vacation.

When you do have dogs on beaches, always be alert and stay near your dog. Even if your dog is familiar with swimming in the ocean, an unexpected wave or rip can wash them out to sea. Be alert for local wildlife as well. You don’t want your curious pup to meet their first jellyfish or crab while you’re at the other end of the beach. If the beach is crowded, keep your dog leashed for the comfort of others, and always be ready to clean up after your dog.

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