Including the words ‘pets allowed’ in your rental listing can bring in an entirely new customer base, but having your rental home ready for pet-loving visitors isn’t as easy as changing your advertising — it can sometimes include a little more work.

Owning a rental home comes with the large choice of whether you will make your rental home available to those who wish to bring their pets along or not. The extra income from patrons who want to take your pet along can make a large difference in how much money you holiday home will bring in over tourist season.

Avoid carpet

Whenever it is possible, you should avoid carpeting in the house. While carpet is comfortable on the bare toes, it tends to retain accidental stains and attracts pet hair. Your pet-friendly rental home will be better off with tile, vinyl, or hardwood floors over carpet.

Anytime pets are involved, there will inevitably be a spill, an upset stomach, or a misjudged bladder. Choosing a hard flooring means you worry less about cleaning fees between bookings, and your guests will be more relaxed about any damage charges from carpet stains.

Fence the yard

Many people who have pets are accustomed to having a fully fenced yard for their pet to play in. While your guests will be expecting to use a leash to control their dog at your property, the addition of the fully fenced-in yard, complete with a locking gate, will be a wonderful perk and make the rental more attractive to potential clients.

You could even charge slightly more for the fenced in yard’s presence — the peace of mind this secure yard will create is likely to make your guests even happier to pay your ‘pets allowed’ rental fee. It’s also a handy tip to leave the supplies needed to clean up after your dog stocked in the yard as well as inside the house, and most people will clean up after themselves. A small hose for rinsing sandy or dirty dogs near the back door, plus a poop-bag dispenser at the gate will be a welcome touch to any pet-owning customer and probably have them returning time after time.

Local numbers

Along with the usual list of television channels available in your property and restaurants or take-away outlets in the area, your ‘pets allowed’ rental home should include a collection of pet-friendly contact numbers by the phone.

It’s easy — make a list of local vets, emergency pet hospitals, groomers, pet stores and feed stores in your area. Place this list where guests can access it easily, and include any personal suggestions you use yourself — for example, favourite doggie cafes, dog parks, or a good mobile app for pet owners who aren’t familiar with the neighbourhood.

Not only will this make it easier for your guests to keep their four-legged friends healthy, it will bring additional money into the local economy and make your rental home among the most pet-friendly — and pet-popular! — in the area.

Get on the ‘pets allowed’ rental train and reap the rewards for your holiday bookings. And once you’re done, don’t forget to drop us a line so we can feature you in our accommodation listings!

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