It’s hard to check your emails these days without tripping over a dozen pet-friendly websites selling everything from doggie bowls to fish mirrors and chew toys for spiders. But what if there was a way to judge which ones were worth bookmarking?

For us, it depends on what you’re looking for.

When you need a good price on prescription-only dog food for your poodle with wheat allergies, finding a site that specialises in veterinarian products and has trained consultants on hand is a good start (PS: Here are a couple of solid sites — Vet Products Direct or the strangely similar-sounding Vet-n-Pets — and no, they’re not paying us for the kudos, we’re just nice like that!).

Likewise, when you’re trying to find a furry companion for your ageing Staffy and want to find a puppy with exactly the right temperament to handle Rex in his old age, you’ll need a solid puppy placement site that can cater for your specific search terms (try this firm favourite for size — Find Me A Pet).

And of course, when you need some advice on pet-friendly travel and negotiating a holiday booking with a dog that sheds more than What-A-Mess in summer, you probably won’t find the detail you need at the same site you’d buy that fish mirror.

It makes sense to us.

These days, there are a wide range of websites available for people who are travelling with pets. Most will give you a few sponsored properties that say they’re pet-friendly. Some of those might give you a few handy tips about how to get the best of out holidays with your dog. But few of them will combine nationwide property listings, expert advice, and comprehensive travel information for literally every corner of Australia — from individual rentals, to off-leash areas, dedicated dog parks, and pet stops on the road.

(By the way, if you’re not paying attention, you’ve already found the best travel-related website for dogs right here.)

Thanks to the world finally waking up to the convenience of technology, tere are also a burgeoning number of mobile applications and iPad apps that can help you find a pet-friendly pit stop in a hurry. Without tools like these, locating a suitable place for your pooch to take a wee (or where you can wipe cat vomit off the back seat, if it comes to that!) can be a stressful situation. Pre-loaded apps let you plan ahead even when you don’t know the area. Try ours for size and let us know what you think.

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