Dog Exercise Areas

Dog exercise areas must be carefully looked after if they are to remain open and available for public use. When you visit the dog park, you need to be aware of your dog’s every move and how it can influence the park that you frequent. The top reason that dog parks get closed down, or turn into areas where pets are forbidden, is because pet owners fail to care for their animals while using the area. In order to make sure that the park is welcoming of pets for a long time to come, we here at Take Your Pet want to encourage you to be a responsible pet owner by using the following tips.


One of the most important responsibilities when visiting any pet friendly area is to clean up after your pet. Your dogs will do their ‘business’ whenever it appeals to them so you should always be ready to scoop their poop! Even if you plan on only a short visit to the park you should always have bags with you and on the ready. Leaving poop lying around on the ground in the dog park is the number one reason for parks being shut down. Such unsanitary conditions can be easily avoided by simply cleaning up after your pet.


While you are out enjoying the day with your pet, make sure to keep them under control. The dog park is carefully landscaped and although it is meant for pets to run around and have fun in, it is also assumed that you will control your pet’s bad habits while you are out and about with them. While you are enjoying a public dog exercise area, don’t let your dogs dig up the landscaping. Keep them busy and entertained with play so that they can’t dig holes or fling bark chips around. Holes are a safety hazard for everyone that visits the park and it will become unsightly if the landscaping cannot be maintained.


Aside from this, always obey any posted rules at the dog park. If certain hours are posted as leash required make sure that you adhere to this. Always keep an eye on your pet, making sure that they don’t invite themselves to another family’s gathering, or decide that some other dog’s treat is theirs instead. We encourage you to check any signage regularly as rules can change without notice.


While you are visiting dog exercise areas, always take care that your dog is well behaved. If you happen across a park visitor who isn’t following the rules, feel free to offer encouragement to the pet owner. Share your supply of scooping bags with those who are less prepared and be ready to point out signs that have the rules posted on them. Encourage other pet owners to help maintain the park area to ensure that everyone can keep enjoying it for a long time to come.


Here at Take Your Pet, we understand that it can be difficult to find a good dog exercise area. That’s exactly why we’ve developed our website and our exclusive app – click here to find a dog exercise areas, plus and other pet friendly places, in your neighbourhood or click here to learn more about our iPhone app.



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