The school holidays are finally over and it’s always nice to return to the normal routine. Here at Take Your Pet, we understand that things have been hectic for the past few weeks and it’s important to remember that when you return to your local dog park things may not be as you left them.

Let’s face it, visitors often cause accidental damage. The neighborhood dog park, that place that was once packed with familiar faces and friendly wagging tails, may have become a strange environment during the holidays with lots of visiting people and their canine friends. The out of town visitors to the dog park may well have turned everything upside down, according to your pet at least. The park will be full of new and different smells. Keep your pet on leash when you initially return to the pet-friendly areas until you’ve had a chance to check out the altered surroundings.

We here at Take Your Pet suggest that you walk along the perimeter of the fence upon your return, to make sure that none of the visiting dogs have dug holes through which your pet could escape. Check along any potential obstacles for hidden dangers as well. Make sure that the holiday visitors didn’t leave their own dog toys behind in the play area, and dispose of anything that doesn’t belong. This will not only make the park safe for your pet but for others who use it as well.

Keep an eye on your dog for the first few times back at the pet-friendly area. Make sure that she is behaving normally while she is there. After the excitement of the holidays, some dogs may find the return to their old park boring, while others may be overly excited to see old friend again. We suggest taking the time to comfort and reinforce your dog’s confidence for the first few times that you return to the park, now that the holidays have passed.

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