When you have your pets on the go for a long weekend, the rules of travel can change quite a bit. You will find yourself dealing with crowds that you normally wouldn’t see during the normal vacation season. Everyone wants to make the best they can of this precious, long weekend, and they all flock to the traditional short holiday areas that you are probably planning to take your pet to as well. You will need to take extra care when you take your pet with you on the long weekend.

If you find yourself traveling on busier roads while keeping up with the long weekend crowds, your pet will be in more danger than during normal travel. You should take extra precautions to keep your pet properly restrained while she is in the car. Your pet should be in the back seat, and either buckled in or in an appropriate pet carrier for their safety. Never let your dog stick his head out of the window when you take your pet on holiday. If your dog’s head can fit out the window, the rest of him can as well. Always keep a solid leash attached to a strong collar or harness while you are traveling, and be ready to grab the leash the moment you open the door.

When you need to let the family have a break during travel, you will need to stop in an appropriate rest area set up to handle pets on the go. When you open the door, have the leash already attached to your dog and keep a good hold of it.

You need to keep your pet close to you on the way to the relief area to avoid both traffic and other travelers who may not enjoy your pet’s presence. Make sure that your dog does their business, and clean up after them immediately. Only allow your pet to drink water that you have poured personally for them. Never allow them to drink from puddles, streams, or someone else’s water bowl.

Expect the crowds to be bad. Pet friendly hotels are still difficult to find, and on these long weekends they will fill up quickly. Here at Take Your Pet, we suggest using our mobile app to find the best pet friendly accommodations anywhere in Australia before you go. Take the time to make a reservation, so that you don’t find yourself with pets on the go and nowhere to spend the night.

How else do you stay holiday happy with pets on the go?

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