Before you head out on a camping adventure with your dog in Victoria, you need to take the time to make sure that your intended campground is pet-friendly. Most national parks don’t permit pets on camping sites, which can rule out quite a few locations. However, many places outside of the park system are welcoming of pets. We at Take Your Pet encourage you to never assume that Fido is welcome. For help finding a pet friendly location, download our app.

This season is the perfect time of year to explore Victoria and everything that it has to offer. Plan a family road trip along the Great Ocean Road, and let your dog explore all the new landscape of the seashore. For a more inland approach, Victoria is littered with wineries and farms that are sure to keep your taste buds happy. A tour of the iconic country villages along the Murray River could be the perfect plan for your family as well.

Camping with dogs in Victoria requires common sense. Always call before you book a campground, and make sure that pets are welcome. Learning how to travel with pets can save you a lot of time and energy in planning your vacation. Some campgrounds have size limits on the dogs they welcome, while others may limit you to only one dog. Expect that your dog will need to stay inside with you at night and plan accordingly. Most pet friendly camping areas will require your pet to be leashed at all times. If you use a tent, ensure it has a big enough canopy for your dog to be covered comfortably and remember to bring some extra tie-out stakes to anchor a leash. Make sure that you obey every rule listed in the campground if you wish to stay for another night.

When looking for a place to go camping with dogs in Victoria, be sure to keep your dog’s needs in mind. Look for a campground that is close to a dog park. This will give Fido a chance to get off leash and play in a safe location.

Always bring back up leashes and collars, and have your dog’s tags up to date. Bring enough food and water from home for the entire vacation, as new water supplies can upset a dog’s stomach. Always keep your dog close to you, and clean up after them. If the camping area provides dog-only facilities, make sure that you let your dog use them, and not the ones intended for humans.

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