Poop is a major problem in dog exercise areas. In fact, the reason why many ‘pets-allowed’ areas become ‘pets-not-allowed’ is because of owners that don’t scoop their pet’s poop! Failure to scoop isn’t just illegal, it’s harmful to the environment and creates a dangerous place for others to play in.

Cleaning up after your dog is vital to the continued existence of dog exercise areas for public use. Faeces left on the ground is a hazard to anyone who uses the space. Unsuspecting park users may step in the leftover waste, getting it all over their shoes and clothing. Or worse, pet poo may cause a serious injury if someone should slip and fall. Children could easily slip too or pick it up, a situation that no one wants. From an environmental perspective, faecal matter left behind will eventually wash away into the local water supply contaminating our waterways.

Whenever you take your dog out in public, you should always have a supply of bags on you for scooping purposes. Purchase a lead with in-built bag storage to ensure you are never caught out.

Always keep your dog in sight when you are in dog exercise areas. Whether they are on or off the lead, it is your responsibility to clean up after your furry friend. When your dog leaves a present behind, visually mark the area and start heading there immediately. If you are walking Fido on a leash, stop and pull out a bag ready so that you can do the pickup and be on your way quickly.

Here at Take Your Pet, we encourage you to share your bags with others who are less prepared than you are. Always carry a spare supply of bags in your car. When you are in need of a bag don’t hesitate to ask another pet owner nearby if you can have one of theirs. Never simply walk away from the mess, or try to bury it under leaves or foliage. If you can’t find someone else to borrow a bag from return to your car to get one or alternatively use some newspaper from the bin. Always clean up after your pet, and pets allowed areas will be around for years to come.

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