Shopping on a website for dogs this fathers day may seem a little unusual, but some of the best presents available are those that would make dad’s life easier. And let’s face it, when 94 per cent of fathers are responsible for feeding the family pet in homes around Australia, a present for Fido is a present for dad. Even if neither of them will admit it.

With father’s day quickly approaching (it’s next weekend for those who haven’t yet hit the panic button), getting something nice for dad may be as easy as arranging for improvements in the dog’s life as well. Your man about the house deserves to be comfortable and to spend time with his best friend, so for the dad who has everything, consider arranging some ‘quality time’ on a pet friendly trip away.

Or, perhaps the dog would like to buy a present for dad. One of those fancy retractable leashes that will keep dad from getting all tangled up when he decides to take Fido for a walk is sure to be a hit. A stylish elevated feeding bowl is also bound to save his back and doesn’t look bad on the deck at beer o’clock, either.

The ideas are endless… When it comes to storing the dog food, dad might like having a large, air-tight container with a dog-proof lid located nearby. Not only can these store the dog food and keep it fresh, but treats can be stashed here as well — mum won’t have any idea that an extra treat has been slipped to either one of them in the evening.

Or try a new, comfy pillow for the dog to lay on at his master’s feet. We all know how the saying goes: A dog and dad that is comfortable together, stays together. Or something like that…

A pet-friendly holiday could end up being the perfect answer for both dad and dog to relax… with or without the whole family!

A good website for dogs will be able to find them a pet-friendly fishing trip to Queensland, a romantic wilderness retreat in Victoria or South Australia, or even an outback pub tour or camping adventure around NSW. And we all know that having a dog around to scare off creatures at the campsite is always handy. Even for the bravest of dads on fathers day.

Do you have more ideas on what to get dad when shopping on a website for dogs?

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