When you have your dog out with the family, there are several things that everyone in the family needs to be aware of. Keeping an eye out for hidden dangers and knowing when to leash your dog again is necessary for a safe family outing.

We here at Take Your Pet want you to learn how to travel with pets safely. Download our app for helpful hints and areas where your pet is welcome. Finding a designated pet-friendly area is the first step in taking your dog on an outing. Always read the signs before you enter a park or public area, making sure that the space is officially pet-friendly. If a place is not pet-friendly, having Fido present could net you a fine.

The family, especially the children, need to understand that your dog can only be off-leash in public areas that approve off-leash activities. When you find a place that welcomes dogs off-leash, you still need to keep a close eye on what your dog is doing. Teach the children to always pay attention to their dog when he or she is off the leash. Encourage them to play with their dog, but make sure they know that other dogs might be frightened of them and could become aggressive. They need to understand that not all dogs have the same temperaments and a safe level of caution should always be exercised.

Make sure that your dog is well behaved in the pet areas. Learning how to travel with pets means learning when to pack it in and head home. If your dog becomes uncomfortable with their surroundings, you need to call them back and leave for the day. Make sure your dog is always within sight of you. Don’t let them off their leash unless you are certain that they will come back when called, every time, regardless of which family member summons him.

Another tip on how to travel with pets is to never take your own toys to the dog park. Toys will often cause fights among dogs, as two dogs wanting the same toy may even draw blood. Leave all toys, including your daughter’s favorite doll, at home. When the dog or the children start to get tired, it’s time to take the family home, even if the other half of your pack isn’t tuckered out yet.

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