Great Pet Friendly Parks and Walks Around Brisbane

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Brisbane, Australia, is a city that draws in many thousands of tourists every year to see its numerous museums, historic buildings, nature reserves, and entertainment hot spots. Luckily for pet-loving locals or Brisbane-bound vacationers, the City of Brisbane has over 120 designated dog parks, where dogs and other pets can roam free without a leash. Thus, you should have little trouble finding a dog park in Brisbane that let you and your pet catch a breath of fresh air and take a short walk about in a pet-friendly environment.

But in the strong belief that finding a pet friendly park in Brisbane should not be an afterthought, we provide you below with 10 top spots to walk and exercise your dog in Brisbane:

1. Downfall Creek Reserve

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In the Brisbane suburb of Virginia, not to be confused with the U.S. state, just off
Brickyard Road, you will find the spacious, four-hectare Downfall Creek Reserve. This dog park in Brisbane is not only among the largest but also is quite isolated, giving you and your canine friend some valuable “alone time.” There is a creek on one end, two bridges, a picnic shelter, zero fences, a fresh water supply, and doggie bins. No leash is needed in the park, but you might want to leash up for a stroll over to the nearby Kalisto Cafe and back again in a scenic, 500-meter loop.

2. Schusters Park

Schusters Park, located off Schusters Road in the suburb of Tallebudgera, offers a wide-stretching off-leash zone with grassy fields, a creek, and a beach strip. The beach requires pets be leashed, but the picnic tables, barbecuing facilities, and kids’ playground make it worth it. You can walk a doggie path that meanders in step with the creek and take shelter in the rotunda if, perchance, a rain shower should surprise you.

3. Aquatic Paradise Park

Aquatic Paradise Park, on West Commodore Drive in Birkdale, is great for freedom-loving pets but not for traffic-chasing ones. Unlike most Brisbane pet-friendly parks, it has no fences. You can look over the bay from the park benches, that is, if Fido will let you take a break from running in the grassy, seaside fields for a minute or two.


4. Tuckeroo Park

At Tuckeroo Park, your pet may well get you “tuckered” out as he or she runs merrily through the large no-leash zone, strolls on-leash along Nudgee Beach, or plays and exercises in the obstacle course dubbed “Doggy World” by park authorities. This “doggy wonderland” is to be found off Nudgee Road in the municipality of Nudgee Beach.

5. Powerhouse Park

Powerhouse Park, on Lamington Street in the suburb of New Farm, lies right alongside the Brisbane River and the historically important Brisbane Powerhouse. There is plenty of shade, plenty of grass, and a bike path that hugs the river bed. You will find this particular dog park is very popular, especially with owners of smaller dogs.

6. Monoplane Street Park

At Monoplane Street Park, on Barnett Road in Ashgrove, larger dogs are the most frequent visitors. The large, safely fenced area offers a lot of running space and sufficient shade trees. If you go on a Sunday afternoon, get there early, unless you like crowds and want to give Rover a chance to socialize.

7. Green Hill Reservoir Dog Park

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Green Hill Reservoir Dog Park, off Russell Terrace in Chapel Hill, is the place to go if you want a panoramic view of the cityscape with no fences and no leashes to “cramp Spike’s style.” There are doggie bins and water taps for your convenience, and the three-kilometer Lookout Trail begins nearby across from Dellamara Street.

8. Colmslie Recreation Reserve

The Colmslie Recreation Reserve, on Lytton Road in Morningside, has it all: a lead-only beach stroll, a no-lead pet park, “agility equipment,” the Brisbane River, a playground, sheltered picnicking facilities, and barbecues.

9. Kroll Gardens

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Kroll Gardens, off Duffield Road in Redcliffe, is the sole no-leash dog park on the Redcliffe Peninsula. It is a full five hectares large, has shady, wooded areas, and has park benches scattered throughout. It also offers an obstacle course for your pet, complete with tunnels, ramps, and re-purposed car tyres.

10. Elanora Park

Off Granada Street, in the suburb of Wynnum, you will find Elanora Park, which is eminently dog and pet friendly. The off-leash zone is very spacious, giving you plenty of room to play fetch. There is agility equipment, and a mangrove-lined board walk along the seaside. The cool oceanic breezes make this a great pet friendly park in Brisbane that will truly let you relax and unwind.

December 7, 2016 |

Top Pet Friendly Hotels in Australia

pet friendly hotels

Traveling the world, while refusing to leave the furriest member of your family behind, is sometimes a challenge when it comes to finding pet friendly hotels in the cities you want to visit. Unfortunately, Fido and Fluffy are not always welcome guests, and you cannot wait till you get there to scramble to find a hotel where pets are allowed.

Below, we list 7 pet friendly hotels, scattered throughout Australia, where both you and your pet will be treated like honored guests:

langham sydney1. The Langham – Sydney

This is, probably, the most luxurious pet friendly hotel you could possibly treat your pet to.

The Langham Sydney, located on Kent Street in Sydney’s The Rocks district, is well situated for tourists, being near the Wynyard Railway Station and within easy walking distance of Circular Quay. It offers humans such amenities as pools, jacuzzis, saunas, tennis courts, a breakfast buffet, and on-site deluxe eateries.

For pets, it is no less luxurious. Dogs up to 20 kilos and all cats can stay with you right in your room and relax on a cozy “pet bed.” They can also enjoy room service when they feel a bit hungry, and hotel staff can even pet-sit or walk your dog for you. Finally, you may wish to walk your dog yourself out to Observatory Hill for a stunning view of the harbor.


glenferrie-lodge2. Glenferrie Lodge – Sydney

This pet-friendly Sydney hotel is quaint, historic, and affordable.

Glenferrie Lodge is located on Carabella Street in Sydney’s Kirribilli suburb, not far from hiking trails where you can get your pet some fresh air and exercise. Designated rooms allow pets, dogs and cats only, for a modest extra charge per night. There is an outdoor picnicking and barbecue area that both you and your pet can enjoy. The lodge was built back in 1898. Wi-Fi and an in-room fridge are included, and breakfast is available.





mecure-canberra3. Mercure – Canberra

Located at the corner of Ainslie and Limestone in Australia’s capital city, Mercure Canberra is a pet-friendly luxury hotel that was built back in 1927 to provide accommodations to incoming parliamentarians. It is much less pricey, however, than The Langham Sydney, listed above.

You can book a room with an outdoor, fenced-in area included, a pet bed, and a pet toy that Fido can take with him when he checks out. There is a terrace on the roof where you and your pet can admire the view, and you may wish to walk your dog to the nearby Australian War Memorial or to Canberra Centre.




kingsford4. The Kingsford Riverside Inn – Brisbane

Situated right on the Brisbane River on Kingsford Smith Drive, Kingsford Riverside Inn is nearby the Bowen Hills Railway Station, the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, and the South Bank Parklands.

Specific rooms allow pets for an extra charge of only 20 Australian Dollars per night. There is an outdoor barbecue area where you can get your pet some time outside. Wi-Fi is free in the lobby and available in-room, and breakfast is complementary.





5. Nornorthaven-by-the-seath Haven By The Sea – Melbourne

This bed and breakfast establishment has only three rooms, so book well in advance, but it is a great location to vacation in Melbourne with your pet.

North Haven By The Sea is located on Merrett Drive, within easy walking distance of the North Williamstown Railway Station. Pets are allowed, though for an additional charge, and there is an outdoor garden you can walk your pet in. There is also a coffee bar, a free continental breakfast, and free in-room Wi-Fi. You may want to walk your dog to nearby Jawbone Conservation Reserve for a scenic view of the ocean. (just remember to check the signs for pet friendly areas)




comfort-inn-haven-marina6. Comfort Inn Haven Marina – Adelaide

In South Australia, in the Adelaide neighborhood of Glenelg North, Comfort Inn Haven Marina is right next to the Holdfast Marina and not far from the beach. The hotel allows pets for 50 additional Australian Dollars per night. There is a swimming pool and a gymnasium on-site, breakfast is available, and rooms come with Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. You can get out and walk your pooch along the waterfront and pet and master alike can breathe in the salty sea air.






banksia_tourist_park7. Banksia Tourist Park – Perth

If you travel to Western Australia, a good place to stay with your pet in Perth is the Banksia Tourist Park. While you can camp or hook up a caravan, there are also rooms for rent, some of which allow dogs.

Your dog will love the great outdoors atmosphere, and it is practical to take a trip with Rover over to Hyde Park, just a short drive away. Amenities are many, including an outdoor swimming pool, indoor pool tables, grill stations, hotel Wi-Fi, arcade games, a children’s playground, and fully functional kitchenettes. Banksia is only a short 15-minute drive from the Perth Airport.



If you know of any great pet friendly hotels we would love to hear about them.

December 3, 2016 |

Pet First Aid Kits – A must when travelling with pets.

pet first aid kit

pet first aid kitsAs a devoted pet owner, you want to keep your fur baby happy and healthy at all times. Whether enjoying a fun-filled holiday or planning a long distance move, more and more Australians are finding pleasure in taking their pets along for the trip. Taking Fido along can be exciting and rewarding, for both the pet owner and the dog. With so many options for pet-friendly lodging in Australia, finding pet friendly accommodation should not be a difficult task. With all the hustle and bustle of pet travelling, however, it is imperative not to overlook one very important detail as you travel with your canine companion. Whether traveling by automobile or by plane, pet safety should be a top priority. Pet owners and care givers alike should be well-informed on the care and measures to take in the event of an emergency. This is easily accomplished by consulting with your veterinarian or with a pet care professional. In addition to this knowledge, it is crucial to have first aid supplies during travel.

How to Ensure a Safe, Tail-Wagging Good Time

When thinking about pet safety as you travel, you need to be prepared for any emergency. You may be a long distance from your trusted veterinarian, or from any pet emergency clinic should the need arise. Although you do your best to ensure your dog is free from harm, pet travelling accidents may occur at any time. If an emergency or accident does occur, be prepared by keeping an all-inclusive pet first aid kit with you at all times. Play it safe and have everything you need all in one handy travel kit. As you travel with your dog, you want to enjoy a stress-free time. Encountering a pet emergency while travelling and not having the necessary tools to treat your pet can be a devastating experience. Go on holiday or make your move with the peace of mind you deserve. This is easily accomplished by getting your hands on The Creature Clinic First Aid Kit designed for pet emergencies. Here’s hoping you’ll never need to use it, but it is very reassuring to know it will be there if your dog has an unfortunate accident while travelling with you.

What is a Pet First Aid Kit and How Can It Help In an Emergency?

A pet first aid kit for small to medium sized dogs will include the basics (and the extras, too) for treating cuts, abrasions, bleeding or even a potential heat stroke until you can seek treatment from a professional. The Creature Clinic First Aid Kit for pets has been specially created by veterinarian Dr Joanna Paul. Such a kit is complete with everything one might need, but typically does not include when packing for a trip. Taking a look at the Creature Clinic First Aid Kit, you’ll first notice the brightly coloured carrying tote bag. It is clearly marked for a pet emergency, so the user can administer first aid without delay. Contents include necessary implements such as a pet digital thermometer, scissors and forceps. Equally important and included in the kit will be cotton swabs, bandages, iodine, antibiotic ointment, and a tick removal tool. A thermal blanket is another extra, and this is imperative for keeping an injured pet warm. These items are just a sampling of offerings that can treat an injured pet and possibly prevent a life-threatening episode.

A First Aid Manual Rounds Out the Package

Of course, most dedicated pet owners will want to be informed of the necessary measures to take to treat pet emergencies while travelling. This is why a pet first aid package such as the Creature Clinic kit also includes a manual. The manual is meant to be used as a study guide. Be prepared before a pet emergency arises by reading this guide before travelling with your furry best friend. Such a manual will explain normal pet behaviour, so you may recognize unusual danger signs that warrant immediate care. It will also explain how to safely approach an injured pet in an emergency situation. You’ll also find information pertaining to common pet emergencies. Because many pet owners are unaware of how to perform pet cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation (CPCR), the manual will provide easy to follow instructions. Don’t leave home without it when travelling with your pet.

We here at Take Your Pet have come across many pet first aid kits over the years but we have come to the conclusion that this is by far the most detailed and comprehensive pet first aid kit available on the market and would highly recommend it.

To find out more or purchase The Creature Clinic First Aid Kit please click here

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10 Great Pet Friendly Eateries in Victoria

pet friendly cafes victoria

Victoria is about as pet friendly a place as you will find anywhere in the world when it comes to restaurants and pet friendly cafes victoriacafes. Melbourne in particular is full of animal-loving culinary establishments, but even out in the smaller towns surrounding Melbourne, there are plenty of pet-friendly dining opportunities that cater to the needs of the pet-loving Australian tourist.

Below, we look at 10 awesome eateries you can take your pet too and indulge and feast till your hearts (or tummies) content. Half of them are within the bounds of Melbourne, while the remaining half are outside the Melbourne metro zone.

1. Rooftop Cinema and Bar

In central Melbourne, not far inland from Docklands and surrounded by prime shopping opportunities, is the very uniqueRooftop Cinema and Bar. Checkout the view with skyscrapers towering in the background and eat a yummo lunch between 11am and 1pm. You can bring your dog along too so long as its daytime and they are kept on a leash at all times. Meals vary seasonally, but burgers and cocktails are common, and it is always something delicious. Oh and did we mention its 7 sets of steps to get there… But I bet its the best view your pooch will ever see.

2. Cibi Melbourne

The Cibi’s Melbourne location is about 1.5 miles northeast of the Central Business District in the suburb of Collingwood. You can sit down with your pet in a comfortable outdoor seating area and enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine. You, and possibly your pet too, will not be able to resist the strong, flavorful green tea.

3. Rita’s Cafeteria

About a mile or so east of Melbourne’s CBD, on Johnston Street in Abbotsford, is the dog-friendly Rita’s Cafeteria. Pizza and pasta are the mainstays, but there are plenty of other dishes as well. This is probably one of the few places you will find gluten-free pizza and pizza (optionally) topped with eggplant or smoked salmon. It certainly has a corner on the market with its tasty pickled octopus.

4. Mixed Business Cafe

Mixed Business Cafe is also locate downtown, only a couple miles northeast of the Melbourne CBD, in the suburb of Clifton Hill. Dogs are welcomed with a bowl of clean water, but humans have to drink out of a glass. The place is filled with retro-style furniture and looks rather unassuming, but it is a local favorite for its incredible coffee, hot, fresh bread rolls, omelets, waffles, and more.

5. Ranges at Olinda

The Ranges Olinda cafe is up in the mountains and forests, on the eastern edge of the Melbourne Area. You will find it in the town of Olinda on Monbulk Road, very near the Dandenong Ranges National Park, where luxury cabins can be rented. Pets can eat outside on the deck, and their owners are allowed to eat there too. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, and all-day snacks are served. The Ranges is famous for its homemade scones and “Ranges mountain bread.”

6. Innocent Bystander

Innocent Bystander lies outside the Melbourne Area, though only 50km from the city center. It is situated in Healesville off Maroondah Highway not too far from Yarra Ranges National Park. This is not only a dog-friendly restaurant with an outdoor dining deck but a wine bar where you can taste locally made wines, beers, apple cider, and more.

7. Farmers Arm Hotel

Just over 100km northwest of Melbourne in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range is the town of Daylesford and the pets-allowed restaurant at Farmers Arm Hotel. It offers an enclosed beer garden with quick bar access to dine in with Spot safely at your side. The menu blends country classics with “modern Australian,” and you are encouraged to “eat, drink, and be local” (even if you’re not).

8. The Fozigobble Cafe

Fozigobble is in the small town of Yarragon about 50km southeast of Melbourne, just north of Mount Worth State Park. Guests with pets eat in a garden with plenty of outdoor seating, and dogs are allotted a treat and a bowl of water. Fozigobble advertises itself as pet, child, vegan, vegetarian, and organic friendly. Its green smoothies and robust coffee are especially well received.

9. The Boardwalk Bendigo

Boardwalk Bendigo is located in the center of Victoria state, in the town of Bendigo, about 140km northwest of Melbourne. It has a spacious outdoor “dog and owner deck” overlooking beautiful Lake Weeroona. It offers breakfast daily as well as snacks and coffee. The surrounding parkland is a great place to be if you are a dogs who is eager to run and play.

10. Golden City Hotel

Golden City Hotel is a little over 90km northwest of Melbourne in the town of Ballarat. The hotel restaurant has a veranda where dogs and their owners can sit and eat in a peaceful environment. The menu is large and diverse, ranging from pizza to Asian cuisine to eggs Benedict to fish and chips. One dish that is too interesting not to try is the sticky date pudding topped with butterscotch sauce.

Do you have a great pt friendly eatery that you like to go to?

August 8, 2016 |

10 Fantastic Pet Friendly Cafes in South Australia

pet friendly cafes SA
Touring Adelaide and other parts of South Australia can be an exciting and an educational experience, and an pet friendly cafes SAendless stream of travelers seem drawn to this section of the Land Down Under with every passing year. Yet, for pet lovers who can’t bear to leave their precious companions behind when they go on vacation, a little extra preparation is needed before heading out. You need to know ahead of time some spots where you can safely take Spot, or fluffy, when you stop for a bite to eat on the go.

Of course, you will also need to find pet friendly accommodation, pet friendly caravan parkspet friendly parks, and the rest of it. Below, however, we focus just on pet friendly cafes in South Australia to get you started:

1. Thyme Cafe

In Victoria Square in South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide, Thyme Cafe is run be a true animal lover who knows what it’s like to have to leave your furry friends at home while you go out for breakfast or brunch. For this very reason, the owner has provided a dogs and pets allowed outdoor dining area with a wonderful view over Victoria Square. You can count on there being plenty of fresh water and a special treat for your pet, which will keep him or her occupied while you focus on the people food.

2. The Lakeside Cafe

The Lakeside Cafe, located in the Adelaide suburb of Oakden on Sir Ross Smith Boulevard, is indeed situated by the side of a lake. Actually, there are multiple lakes and a large-sized park nearby, which will make the walk there and back as pleasant to your pet (and you) as the time spent at the cafe itself. There is a spacious outdoor dining zone for pet lovers and their pets, and most of it is under a cover that will keep you out of the wind, sun, and rain.

3. Whipped Bake Bar Cafe

In the seaside Adelaide suburb of Semaphore, a popular getaway zone for tourists and locals alike, you will find the very dog friendly Whipped Bake Bar Cafe. Water bowls are provided for visiting pooches, the wait staff will love your dog almost as much as you do, and the people food served up here is made from locally grown ingredients.

4. Light Bulb Cafe

Escape the hustle and bustle of Adelaide city and enjoy contemporary cafe fare at the Light Bulb Cafe. Enjoy the artwork on display, the beautifully lit interiors all while munching on your fresh food from produce sourced locally. The Light Bulb Cafe has a gorgeous leafy courtyard, making it an ideal place for those with four-legged friends.

5. The Grange Jetty Cafe

In Grange, a seaside suburb of Adelaide, the cafe on Jetty Road is a popular place to eat when out for a day at the beach. The cafe is right by the sand, and your dog will appreciate that fact after a good run along the shore. Dog bowls await in the outdoor pet dining zone where your dog can take a break and quench his thirst. The wait staff are friendly to animals (and people), and the menu has plenty to offer as well. The cafe gets a bit crowded in the morning if the weather is nice, which is good if you like to socialize and your dog does too.

6. Red House Cafe and Vintage Shop

Red House is a quaint, little cafe housed in a renovated railway building in North Adelaide (a distinct city from Adelaide itself). It is more of a coffee shop with pastries and snacks to accompany, and the “D’Angelo coffee” is the talk of the town. Pets are allowed, so if your pet likes the taste of fresh baked goods, the lucky animal will be in for a real treat.

7. The Blumburg Hotel Pub

In the Adelaide Hills, about 27 miles southeast of the City of Adelaide is a quaint little town of only about 1,000 called “Birdwood.” It gets visitors for its motor museum housed in the old Blumberg Flour Mill and for historical remnants of the gold rush days of the original Prussian settlers, who originally called the town “Blumburg” before an odd form of Anglicization turned it into “Birdwood.” In the Blumburg Hotel, you can get some good, old-fashioned pub food. In the town of Birdwood, that means fish and chips, chicken or beef schnitzel, or something off the grill. The pub is quite as pet friendly as its food is delicious, and as it is the most-photographed pub in all South Australia, you should be sure to catch a snapshot of you and your pet together on its premises.

8. The Bridgewater Inn

Also in the Adelaide hill country is the town of Bridgewater and the pet friendly Bridgewater Inn. The inn serves some authentically Australian dishes, and it has a spacious, outdoor garden where you can enjoy your meal with your pet, who will demand you share. The garden overlooks Cox Creek and is next to a walking trail. There is greenery all around. It is a true outdoor paradise that your pet will love.

9. The Mt. Lofty Ranges Vineyard

This is a vineyard where you can taste authentic wine grown in South Australian soil, but there is also a cafe on the premises. Dogs and pets are allowed, so you can enjoy what is termed “modern Australian cuisine” like garlicky buttermilk, slow-cooked duck eggs, truffles, and “Balhannah” lamb. The vineyard and its unique cafe are in Lenswood, up in the high country 18 miles to the east of Adelaide. Seeing the vines and the apple, pear, and cherry orchards on the drive up will be as much a part of the experience as visiting the vineyard and its cafe (with spike of course).

10. The Appleseed Cafe

About 35 miles southeast from Adelaide, you may wish to visit the town of Strathalbyn. The town hosts a major antique fair toward the end of August, and there is a Sunday market at the local railroad station once a month. Besides that, there is the Appleseed Care, where you can dine outdoors with your dog or other pet and enjoy some good food and some incredibly good coffee. Afterwards, or perhaps before, you can stroll out to the Angas River only a two-minute walk away. There is a park by the river and a small bridge that lets you across. Finally, you will also find a “doggy boutique store,” Toto and Bagpuss, within a few minutes’ walk of the cafe.

Do you know of any great pet friendly cafes? List them here
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