Most leash free areas will signpost a Code of conduct for when using these areas

Some of the main Rules and Regulations to follow:

  • All dogs are to be accompanied and supervised
  • All dogs must be able to be controlled without a leash
  • Dogs that are declared dangerous dogs by Council (such as aggressive and restricted breeds identified by the Companion animals Act 1998) are not allowed to use any designated off leash areas
  • Dog owners/controllers MUST remove all dog faeces that may be deposited by the dog under their control
  • Dogs MUST NOT be encouraged to attack. The dog owner is liable under legislation if the dog attacks a person or animal.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times prior to entering and upon leaving the off leash areas
  • Dogs must be under voice or signal control and in sight at all times. If your dog does not respond immediately, retrieve and leash it.
  • Keep your dog in the area designated so as not to destroy plants, wildlife and other resources in the park.
  • Dogs with a history of aggressive behaviour or declared dangerous dogs must be muzzled at all times when in a public place.

Areas Where Dogs are prohibited:

  • Within 10 metres of children’s playground equipment
  • Within 10 metres of food preparation and consumption areas in a public place, but does not prohibit a dog from being in an outdoor dining area if it is under effective control of some competent person, the person does not feed the dog or permit it to be fed and the dog is kept on the ground
  • Public recreation and playing fields where Council displays a Notice prohibiting dogs
  • Public swimming baths
  • School grounds (unless with the permission of the person in charge of the grounds)
  • Child Care Centres (unless with permission of the person in charge of the centre)
  • Shopping Centres where a Notice is displayed prohibiting dogs (unless with permission of the person in charge of the centre). Exceptions are where a dog is secured in a vehicle, or when it is being taken to or from a pet shop, veterinary surgery or similar establishment.

Note: These Rules and Regulations are to only be used as a guide only. Please contact the governing council for more information regarding your areas.