Let’s start off by putting it out there: Queensland is a large area. In fact, it’s the sixth largest non-nation entity in the world. It encompasses a lot of land, and has a huge variety of places to visit. Having both the Great Barrier Reef and massive rainforests, Queensland’s climate is warmer than most. This means that if you take your pet with you on holiday to the beautiful sunshine state, you will need to be prepared not only to find truly dog-friendly accommodation in the many luxe options on offer, but also to deal with the balmy climate of the area.

Wherever you plan to stay, your first stop is checking out the best dog-friendly accommodation in Queensland. (We have a whopping 200 properties in our bank!)

The ideal pet-friendly accommodation option should have a fully fenced yard, some off-leash activities to enjoy nearby, and genuine access inside the property. (See our full list of pet-friendly points here, and check out some expert advice on what ‘pets allowed’ really means on holidays.)

You also need to know what type of holiday you’re after. While Queensland offers many different activities — from sexy, sun-drenched beaches, to rainforest-filled natural adventures — not all of them are appropriate for your pet. Without checking it all out properly beforehand, this means your little guy might have to stay in the hotel while you go it alone, and not all places that offer dog friendly accommodation in Queensland are willing to watch your pet while you are out having fun. Check out the local area council restrictions on pet access for local parks and wilderness areas for your destination, and you’ll limit the surprises on the road.

Anywhere that you plan on going in Queensland, plan for hot and humid weather. Summers are hot, with high humidity and lots of rain. Winters are only somewhat cooler and drier, but still sticky by many standards. When you take your pet to such a hot environment, they will need extra precautions to keep themselves cool and hydrated. You may need to give your dog a good haircutahead of time, and check the air-conditioning status of your chosen accommodation.

Also check out local veterinarians for tick warnings, and pet-specific information on venomous animals in the area. Knowing what you’re likely to come across in a new backyard can make a big difference to the enjoyment factor of your fur friend on holidays.

When you take your pet to the beach, always keep in mind local beach rules and common etiquette. Many beaches don’t allow dogs for health and sanitation reasons, and even when they do, the rules could be quite different interstate. Make sure you read the rules of the beach before you take your dog out onto the sand. Keep your dog in pet friendly areas, and always clean up after him. Many forms of marine wildlife can be hazardous to your dog (like the highly toxic puffer fish or jellyfish found in Queensland), so keep him nearby.

Having a safe holiday means finding all forms of dog friendly accommodation in Queensland ahead of time, but there are plenty of brilliant picks to choose from. Call ahead to places you want to go or check out our handy mobile app to make sure your pet is welcome and will be provided for.

Follow these tips, and the glorious Sunshine State is set to be your playground in name as well as nature.

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