Having pets on the go for Christmas is always a lot of fun. Everyone enjoys having the entire family present on Christmas day including the furrier members of your pack. There are however, multiple dangers hidden in the joy of the holidays that could turn this happy season into a disaster. In order to make the festive season merry, take a few minutes to make sure that your pets will be safe during the excitement and chaos of Christmas.

If you’re taking your pet with you to visit family or friends, you need to make sure that your pet is comfortable during the trip. Roads will be busy during the holidays, so keep your dog on a leash at all times, even while the car is moving. Keep your animals restrained in the back seat and be ready to grab the leash at any moment should your pet be ready to escape your vehicle. Keep cats in their cages at all times, even when you stop to let your dog out for a bathroom break.

Whether your holiday destination is at home or away, you should take the time to evaluate any new and potential dangers to your animals. Keep pets out of the kitchen while you are cooking. Elsewhere in the home, keep your pets away from the Christmas tree and any electronic decorations. A curious dog can easily be attracted to dangerous plastic ornaments and electrical cords. On Christmas Day be sure to clean up wrapping paper promptly to prevent pets from eating the paper and ribbons and becoming unwell.

All candy and sweets should be kept out of your pet’s reach during the holidays, including any food presents that are already wrapped. Remember chocolate and nuts can be fatal to dogs. Keep gifts like this on the mantel or on a table where your pet cannot reach them. Mention to your guests that food and drink are not to be offered to your pets under any circumstances and keep an eye out for plates or cups abandoned in pet-accessible locations by children.

Following these simple tips will help to keep your pet healthy and safe during the holiday season. Enjoy having pets on the go with you and make sure that you take all the precautions necessary for your pet’s enjoyment. If you’re away from home, make sure to take plenty of your pet’s regular food plus their eating and drinking bowls. This will keep them from getting upset stomachs and ensure some familiarity.

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