Bright is alive with the colours of Autumn right now. It’s a mountain town nestled in the valleys of the North East Victorian High Country. The valley is bursting with vibrant colours flowing through the region. As the season shifts from warmer weather to cooler temperatures, the landscape transforms into vibrant shades of reds, oranges, and golden glows. With picturesque views around every corner, it’s the perfect haven for you and your pooch. Whether you feel like kicking back with a warm cuppa or a puppachino, taking in the views, or a stroll with your four-legged friend through town or the surrounding bushland, Bright has everything you could want on your Alpine Valley Getaway.

Cleo, Bright in Autumn
Cleo, Bright in Autumn

As autumn comes to an end, we wait in anticipation for the winter season to kick in.
If you’re lucky the trees will be ablaze with colour  whilst the snow capped mountains are visible.

But wait it gets better! Ever dreamt of taking your pooch to the SNOW!?

Bright & surrounds is located on the foothills of the snow fields of Victoria, making it the perfect home base to take your pooch on a snow-cation. Dinner plain is rated the top location for visiting the snow with your furry friend. As it sits outside of a national park boundary it is one of very few locations in Australia that pups can enjoy the snow. Located 90mins from Bright this snowy wonderland transforms into a truly beautiful oasis. And why do we get to have all the fun? There is nothing like witnessing your pup see snow for the first time. It’s like seeing them at the beach for the first time but 100% better! Plus… who doesn’t love seeing a pup dressed in a puffer and booties!?

Nanook & Meya; Enjoying a day in Dinner Plain

So, why choose Bright for your pet-friendly snow holiday?

Here are our top 7 reasons to stay in Bright with Alpine Valley Getaways for your winter escape.

1) Affordable accommodation

A snow and ski trip in Australia is renowned for draining the bank. Staying in Bright alleviates the cost by more than HALF! With Accommodation off the mountain available for a fraction of the price this means your money can go towards the things that make you HAPPY on holiday!

2) Backyards to keep your pooch in whilst you hit the slopes

Unlike all mountain accommodations, most of our properties have backyards for your pooch to be wild and free whilst giving you peace of mind when leaving them behind. Providing they aren’t crafty Houdini’s and jump like an Olympian pole vaulter; you can keep your pup at the properties whilst you spend the day on the ski slopes.

3) Pup friendly pubs!

Bright is renowned for its pet-friendly approach to everyday life. The majority of pubs, cafes & restaurants in town will allow your pup into the outdoor alfresco areas, saving them from being left behind in your accommodation.

Datsun; Nightingale apple farm in Wandiligong.

4) Walks and views

Most walks around town are pet-friendly with breathtaking views. You’ll be planning your next holiday before you’ve even left town!
Our personal favourite is the Tronoh Dredge Hole in Harrietville. Take a walk around the loop track or explore the tracks along the Ovens River.

Nugget; Tronoh Dredge in Harrietville


There are some wonderful locals who offer pet sitting services in and around Bright. Whether it’s in home pet sitters or boarding them at the local kennel there are options in Bright that are not found when staying on the mountain.


Need we say more!?


Whether you’ve spent the day in the snow with your four-legged friend or hit the slopes all day skiing there is NOTHING better than curling up by a woodfire heater at the end of the day. Lots of our properties offer a wood fire heater inside, plus many properties also offer an outside firepit. Perfect for roasting marshmallows or reminiscing on your day with a glass of local wine.

Bright is the perfect hub for your pet-friendly holiday. Allowing you to enjoy all that the town has to offer whilst sharing this experience with your four-legged friend.
Call Alpine Valley Getaways today for the best rate & more local knowledge from some dog crazy property managers!

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