Robert A Heinlein said, that women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should get used to the idea. And boy, do we agree. Any cat owner knows that there is no doubt who rules the roost at their house and that feline affection sometimes feels like a finite resource.

We’ve thrown together a few ‘feelings’ that any self-confessed ‘cat person’ will be very familiar with. See if you recognise yourself or a friend in any of the following: 

You know you’re a cat person when….

1. You’ve sat on the lounge for hours, with an increasingly full bladder…because a certain someone has taken up residence on your lap.
2. Your feline pride and joy has an Instagram account…with double your own follower count.
3. You feel like walking, talking furniture for your cat to climb at will.

4. You can’t pat other cats without feeling like a full-blown traitor
5. You can’t remember the last time you sat in the ‘comfortable’ chair in the house. That’s cat territory, no questions asked.
6. Your camera roll is 99% cat and you feel damn good about it. Felines are forever, humans are whatever!
7. You buy cat food that is well above your own food budget.

8. You sometimes wonder how many cats qualifies you as a bona fide ‘cat lady’….cause you think you’re getting close.
9. Your bed is no longer your own property. Don’t even think about extending your legs the whole way, in case you upset them. And if they’re on your stomach, turning over and sleeping on your side is a dream you can kiss goodbye.
10. You find yourself slipping into ‘meow language’ with ease and you even manage to get the different intonations right.
 And most of all? You just can’t imagine your life without them in it.

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