You Know Youre a Dog Person When..

1. When your phone photo gallery is 99% dog, 1% human and that’s the way you want it.

2. When you never feel much popular than when your pups greet you at the end of a long day.

3. When you know you desperately need a haircut, but making sure your pooch is pampered and groomed comes first.

4. When you actually use restaurant doggie bags…as doggie bags. There’s no way you’re not taking the leftovers home for them.

5. When picking up after them is a walk in the (dog) park compared to what changing a nappy is like. Sooo not the same thing!

6. When you celebrate your dog’s birthday with specially crafted foods (their favourites, of course!) and a present pile that would rival any human’s.

7. When your Christmas card inevitably includes a photo of you and your dog, and if the recipient is lucky, a break-down of your latest travels together.

8. When you have to apologise for your ‘dog car’ when you give anyone a ride anywhere. Mind the chewed toys and hair-covered blanky!

9. When you barely need an alarm clock, because someone bounds into your room with the first ray of sunlight and licks all over your face.

10. When you never shed a tear in ‘human movies’ but Marley and Me all but had you in the fetal position – and accusing anyone who didn’t cry of ‘not having a heart’

11. When you have wayyy more nicknames for your dog than you do for your significant other.

12. When you get that #proudparent afterglow when someone compliments your dog – as they should!

13. When you plan all social activities around whether your dog can attend with you – hello lease-free parks and puppacinos at your local cafe.

14. When you think that cat-lovers are definitely deluding themselves….but that’s nothing compared to those aliens who say they ‘just don’t like dogs’!

15. When you can separate your life into B.D (before dog) and A.D (after dog) and you know that you could never be as happy without them in your world.

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