As the cooler weather approaches, you know that dreadful chill is going to be creeping into your home within a few weeks. To make the best time out of a late vacation possibility, you’ll want to look to where it stays warm the longest: sunny, beautiful, tropical Queensland.

The warm climate here hosts rainforests and tropical vacation spots. While the rest of Australia is digging out their winter sweaters, the folks in Queensland are still running around in short sleeves. And it goes without saying that if you’re feeling like a holiday, your fur buddy is too… here’s how to make the most out of your late vacation plans with good dog friendly accommodation in Queensland.

If you aren’t from Queensland, then you need to understand that the climate here is different from what you are used to. As the sixth largest land area in the world to not be its own country, Queensland’s climate may differ from balmy and tropical to rainy and cool, depending on the area that you’re in. Take some time before you book dog friendly accommodation this fall to make sure that the climate in that particular part of Queensland is what you’re hoping for in a vacation destination.

When you do book, we suggest that you call ahead and make sure that your idea of “pets allowed” and the hotel’s idea of “pets allowed” are the same notion. While you’re on the phone making sure that Fido will be welcome, check on details such as doggy daycare options, local dog parks, and the ease of accessing pet facilities at this location. For more pet-friendly travel tips, check out our advice on the topic in other blog posts, or download our app for help with booking dog friendly accommodation.

Remember that not all activities are allowing, or even appropriate, for pets to come along on. Check with your planned activities first to see if Fido is allowed or if you need to arrange for daycare services while you’re out adventuring. While many hotels and rental properties are welcoming of pets, they often include rules stating that your pet can’t be left behind unattended for any length of time. Be prepared for this eventuality.

And even though it’s now deep into autumn, keep in mind that the humidity and temperature in Queensland will be sticky and hot. Always bring plenty of water along for your pet, and a collapsible bowl to serve it to them in. Give them plenty of chances to cool down, and watch out for signs of sunburn on their skin.

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