Our names are Kim & Rob Butterfield and almost a year ago exact we left family and friends in Perth and hit the road in our caravan not knowing what was a head of us. We`d made the big decision 6 months prior to sell everything and I mean everything only leaving with some clothes, basic cookware and a few other essentials and of course we weren’t leaving without our Basset Hound Wally. It took some adjusting in the first couple of months I have to admit there were times when we thought “What have we done” but we pushed through and all 3 of us have fallen in love with life on the road.

We thought up the idea of our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/whereswallythebasset to keep in touch with family and friends, but it`s grown into such a great group of people who love hearing about all the fabulous places you can take your pets and the amazing camping that`s available around Australia to people travelling with pets.

We`ve started an album Our Favourite Camps So Far that is extremely popular as a reference for travellers with pets, we felt there was too much emphasis on where you couldn’t go with pets so we focus on the positive side of travelling with your best friends.

We hope to continue to encourage people to take their pets when travelling and include them in your trips, even if it`s just a trip to the cafe. And we`re happy to answer any questions through our page with regards to travelling with pets.

You can follow our journey around Australia on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whereswallythebasset

Or on Instagram at – kimrobnwally or whereswallythebasset

Safe Travels

Kim, Rob & Wally

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