Packing for a holiday often involves a last-minute scramble for those few pesky items you swore you’d remember. It can be a stressful component of pre-holiday anticipation, and this is only heightened when you’re talking your fur-baby away too! You thought your kids were a lot to handle – but packing for the four-legged family member always proves a mission in itself.

Save yourself the headaches of trying to remember everything with our handy ‘packing for pets’ checklist!

We’ve designed this particularly with dogs in mind, so if you’re taking your feline friend on an adventure, some items may not be necessary.


  • Familiar/typical brand of food – quick changes in diet will disorient your pet and can even cause digestive issues.
  • Portable food bowl
  • Portable water bowl and plenty of extra water for transit


  • Their usual bed and bedding – familiar scents will ease their nerves in new sleeping spaces
  • An item of your clothing – if your pet needs to be sleeping away from you, something comforting and familiar will prevent any emotional stress
  • Extra towels for staying in rented spaces or friends’ houses


  • Their favourite toys and blankets
  • Natural remedies for calming pet anxiety such as lavender oil or ginger treats
  • Pressure wraps and/or calming collars if your pet is prone to stress / doesn’t travel well
  • Coats for cooler temperatures, to keep them toasty!


  • Waste bags – and LOTS of them
  • Litter tray
  • Wet wipes – wipe down your pet and their travel crate/container after long trips
  • Grooming tools and shampoo
  • Lots of extra towels – in case they get mucky!


  • Travel container/crate if applicable, with secure drinking cup and waterproof mat
  • Harness or seat belt attachment for the car
  • Lead and collar
  • Seat covers
  • Travel-sickness pills if required


  • Updated vaccination papers from your vet – these are often a prerequisite for accommodation providers and aircrafts
  • Any medications they require
  • Pet first-aid kit
  • Parasite control
  • Details of both your at-home vet and a local vet at your destination


  • Current photo of your dog – both printed and on your phone, in case they get lost
  • Their I.D
  • Vaccination

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