The destination of our trip this Spring was Sydney – mainly because we wanted to stay at a property we discovered online called Pier One. We had locked in the date and made the booking, so even after heavy rain and flooding delayed our take off day and detoured us away from many of our chosen Big Things, we knew we still had to get to Sydney for our ‘luxury night stay’.

There was also one location we could definitely get to and tick off a Big Thing on our way to Sydney, The Big Merino in Goulburn.

The Slow Start… and a hiccup

We decided that Day One would be a slow start and short(ish) drive up to Shepparton to visit Auntie Pam and have a run in the bush! A relaxing afternoon spent out under the trees doing pretty much nothing other than taking in the serenity was the perfect lead in to our trip to Sydney. It was also a fun trip with lots of giggles while Mum (Nan) tried to get some photos of the sign posts and scenery along the road!

On Day Two we had a little medical hiccup with Tobes and a reaction to some foot shaving/grooming work (dang it, with Diabetes one little scratch can turn bad pretty quick) so our Shepparton – Goulburn leg was a little bit delayed. But amazing thanks goes to Peninsula Vet Care Dromana and Shepparton Veterinary Clinic for their teamwork to get Mr Toby back on his feet (literally).

Finally on the road

Our original lunch stop was to be the cafe at the Dog on The Tuckerbox but due to our delayed departure we stopped in at Albury. It was a lovely sunshiny day, so a wander through the park to ‘stretch the legs’ and a quick bite to eat at a cafe. The Arts Precinct of Albury is being regenerated and we chose to sit out on the verandah of Canvas Eatery at the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA). Mum and I shared the Avocado Smash and Tobes & Audie had BYO liver treats and water :o)

Next stop… yes, the Dog on the Tuckerbox! Can’t take dogs on a road trip without having a photo with one of Australia’s most iconic dogs.

Looking at other people was more interesting than looking at the camera…

The drive towards Goulburn was really nice. Passing golden canola fields, heading higher and higher above sea level through the rolling hills.

And there it/he was… The Big Merino! 

We made it to the Big Merino. While quite late in the day the weather was brilliant! Not a cloud in the sky which made for a stunning blue backdrop for our photo. Built in 1985, this is a monument to Goulburn and the surrounding district’s fine wool industry. Standing 15.2 meters high, 18 meters long and weighing 97 tones he is an impressive life-like model of Rambo, a stud Ram from a local property, “Bullamallita”.
Find out more here >>

Standing tall at The Big Merino (we use a double tether lead so we can stand together and stay safe – Audie is a good little ‘dog guide dog’ for Tobes!)

After our quite long journey, with detours thrown in… it was time to find our accommodation and settle in for the night.

Our First Ever Hotel/Motel Stay!

Our Google planning had lead us to The Heritage Motor Inn Goulburn. The room was really comfy and the service friendly and welcoming. After taking a few ‘modelling shots’ we settled in with some take away pizza, chillaxing on the bed and watching telly!

Up and at ’em nice and early (as always for breakfast and insulin shot!) the next day we headed into the township of Goulburn for the hoomans to have breakie. Sunday in a NSW ‘country town’… not much is open… but we did find the Paragon Cafe. Their motto is ‘Old Fashioned Dining’ and we got just that! We were truly in a time warp – but in a good way. The furnishings inside seemed to be just the same as they were when the place opened. We ate outside (because…dogs…) and were set up at a table in the sun under a nice big umbrella. Traditional eggs and bacon, a giant serve of pancakes and really good coffee!

The Vivo Pet stroller certainly got a few people to stop by and say ‘hello’.

A short walk along the street and then into the car for the next part of our road trip – Time for Day Three and off to Sydney… see you soon!

Posing at The Big Merino with Nan!

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