The dog might be man’s best friend on a road trip, but have you ever thought about taking your cat?cat friendly holiday

Aussie research shows a 42 per cent rise in the number of people wanting to take their feline friend on holidays with them in the past five years, with an explosion of travel ‘cat flats’ to show for it.

But no matter where your final destination is or what kind of rental awaits, we think the real trick to successfully travelling with a cat lies in the details along the way.

After all, cats can be high-maintenance on the road… (in the nicest possible way.) Think of them like elderly parents or toddlers with a stomach issue: they need special consideration, a little understanding, and a softly-softly approach.

1. Carry cat.
Your little lady will need a proper carrier while she is on the road. This should be large enough that she can stand up and move around, without being cramped, but not too large that she doesn’t feel contained and safe.

2. Containment is key.
Believe it or not, your cat’s default speed on the road is very fast (even if she normally spends most of her days lounging in the sun or on your pillow). Keep her inside her carrier before she leaves your house, and don’t let her out again until you have reached your destination for the night.

3. Familiar smells.
When you preparing to go traveling with a cat, throw in some of her favorite toys, a familiar set of bedding, her own portable food bowls, and her own litter pan. It will have a reassuring effect on everyone involved.

4. Watch the tummy rumble.
Cats don’t cope well with even the slightest change in their diet — including unfamiliar water supplies — so pack their usual food and a couple of litres of water from home on your trip. You could also stop offering them food at least a couple of hours before you plan to depart to avoid any explosions along the way.

Happy travelling, pussycats.



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