1. ROAD REFRESHER – NON SPILL WATER BOWL.road-refresher bowl

The Road Refresher has a unique and simple design which restricts the flow of water when turning and braking or when the bowl is knocked or kicked. Plus it has the added bonus of reducing your dog’s slobber by up to 90%. Perfect for inside the home and all forms of travel. No more spills or messy wet floors!

Check it out now –  http://www.dogculture.com.au/road-refresher/



2. SNAP & STAY LEASH – ANNABEL TRENDSsnap_stay leash

No more fussing about with fiddly leashes!

The sturdy powder-coated clasp easily unclips and re-locks in a “snap!”, meaning you can secure your pooch in literally seconds and go and grab that much needed coffee!

Plus the moulded handle makes it super comfy to hold. Available in lime, fuchsia, black, red and aqua.

Check it out now at: http://www.annabeltrends.com/Snap-and-Stay-Dog-Leash.html

3. WEE AWAY – RUFUS & COCOwee away

Rufus & Coco Wee Away is a professionally formulated odour and stain remover for urine, faeces and vomit. It contains naturally derived enzymes and a fresh scent.

Check it out now at: http://shop.rufusandcoco.com.au/p-94-wee-away.aspx




4. BOW WOW PAWTY CAKES – SWEET CHOPSsweet chops pawty cake

Scrumptious carob and peanut butter flavoured cake topped with carob and yoghurt icing and vanilla cookies.
The kit contains the ingredients you need to make Sweet Chops delicious Bow Wow Choc-Peanut Butter Pawty Cake.

Checkout the delicious range and more at: http://sweetchops.com.au/Bow-Wow-Choc-Peanut-Butter-Pawty-Cake




dog journalThe Moleskine Passions Range is dedicated to the passions of our lives. Of course, this includes our pets! The Dog Journal has 240 pages divided into 10 tabbed sections. The first 5 sections are formatted into useful subcategories: Getting Ready, Personality, Dog Log, Travelling and Care.

The following 5 tabbed sections are left blank and fully customisable.
The perfect journal for all dog lovers to record important info like registration dates and vet contacts, and also for keeping photos and other endearing bits and pieces!

Get yours here: http://www.notemaker.com.au/products/moleskine-passions-dog-journal


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