So, you’re all going on a family holiday (cue music), and Fido is booking pet friendly accommodationlucky enough to be joining you. Once you’ve made this great decision, there are a few tricks to keep in mind while making the next one: booking pet friendly accommodation.

It could be the difference between a great furry holiday, and a ruined trip away that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons…

Here’s what to look for when booking pet friendly accommodation.

* A fully fenced yard: Even the most obedient of hounds can be tempted by the wonderful whiff of a sausage sandwich or overly friendly feline across the road when they’re away from home, so choosing a place with an enclosed yard is a must for truly pet-safe holidays.

* Secure balconies: Just as a secure yard is a good idea for holiday digs, so too is a big safety tick in areas where there are height or water hazards.

* Fenced pools and spas: It’s not just kids who don’t mix with water… curious cats and H2O-loving hounds can also come unstuck unless water is properly fenced.

* Nearby pet friendly areas: There’s no point allowing pets in your holiday home if you’re right in the middle of a not so pet friendly national park. Make sure there are adequate exercise areas, walks, off-leash beaches, pet friendly cafes and dog parks at your holiday destination to keep the pet happy.

* Inside access: In our eyes true pet friendly accommodations don’t insist on keeping pets outside. It’s fair enough to ask you to try and keep pet hair off the doona, but we think advertising a property as pet-friendly when the little guy can’t legally cross the threshold is splitting dog hairs. We suggest knowing the rules before you go, and checking with the landlord if in doubt.

*Check with owner: We think this is a massive must do when booking pet friendly accommodation. Some owners “pet friendly accommodation” term and rules may mean different to others so it is always advised that you ring ahead to see what the pet friendly terms are and that way you don’t come across any awkward moments for both the traveler and the accommodation owner.

There are plenty more luxurious additions you might come across with the ubiquitous ‘pets allowed’ box ticked… think doggy-sitting, pet pampering, professional pet-minding, and organised social outings for your fur friend.

But we think that as long as you start out with these five things, your pet-friendly getaway will be a whole lot of fun for everyone. Two-legged travelers included!

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