Travelling with a cat can be an adventurous undertaking for the family that isn’t used to holidaying with their feline family member. Taking your cat with you on vacation isn’t like taking the dog along. Cats will frequently be left at the apartment while the family is out having fun, rarely do you see a family out and about with their cats on a leash. Before you take your cat with you on the family vacation, consider this expert advice.

You are the only person who knows your cat. You know what your cat likes, and what scares your cat to the point that they hide under the bed or in the bathtub. Before you haul the cat along on the family getaway, you need to consider whether your cat would enjoy the concept of travelling. If your cat is frightened by new people, doesn’t like new environments such as the vet’s office, or can’t be trusted to stay inside the house when the door is open, then perhaps your cat would be more comfortable staying at home while you’re away on vacation.

On the other hand, if your cat does seem to enjoy travelling then they may be a good candidate to go along with you on a family trip. Before you travel, you need to get your cat used to being on the move in the following ways:

* Your cat must be used to wearing a harness and having a leash attached to her at all times. Granted, you won’t be walking your cat like the family dog, but the harness is still an important safety measure while you are travelling. Collars can’t be trusted, as cats can get their head through anything around their necks.

* Make sure that you bring the litter box and your cat’s brand of cat litter from home. These are comforting items to your cat, and will help her to understand that this new location is where she can feel safe and comfortable. New brands of litter, when introduced abruptly, can not only upset a cat, but cause urinary infections, so make sure the brand is the same for your cat’s comfort.

* Bring plenty of your cat’s favourite toys along on the trip. Like the litter box, toys are a sign of home to your feline. Having her favourite mouse and her best scratching post available will be another way that your cat knows this new place is home for the time being and will give them a sense of security with these familiar items.

* Always bring plenty of food and water from home before you set out. Changing food or water abruptly can upset a cat’s stomach. Your family vacation won’t be very much fun if everyone is worried because the cat is unwell. This simple precaution will assist you to avoid a lot of stress.

* When travelling with a cat, call ahead to make sure that the accommodation you have booked is welcoming to felines. Many times, the words “pet friendly” refer to dogs only, and special arrangements will need to be made before cats are brought along. Unfortunately, it’s not safe to assume your cat will be welcome.

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