Pets on the go for the long weekend can mean much more challenging travel conditions than usual. The crowds will be large on these special days, as everyone is trying to get away at the same time. This means that the roads are going to be crowded with traffic, popular tourist destinations are going to be crowded with people, and accommodations that welcome pets are also going to be full to the brim. Here at Take Your Pet, we want to offer this helpful advice to assist you to navigate a long weekend with your pet in tow stress-free:

* Your pet should always be restrained while you are in your vehicle. Your dog should be in the back seat at all times, away from the wheel and the driver’s feet. Plus, the back seat is safer for a dog as a deploying airbag can seriously injure (or worse, kill) a dog in the front seat. With the heavier traffic this weekend, your dog needs to be in a safe place just in case an accident should occur.

* Your pet should be leashed at all times during your holiday travel. Use a seatbelt attachment to anchor them safely to the back seat or secure your pet inside a specially designed carrier for their safety. Note, the leash should always be attached to their collar and ready to go. Should your dog exit the vehicle before you’re ready, the attached leash will give you a better chance of catching them before they come to harm.

* When your family stops for a break, make sure the facilities that you use are welcoming of pets. Keep your dog on leash and close by as you make your way to the pet area. Other travellers may be more concerned with their own excited children, and not looking for a dog that suddenly darts from between two vehicles on a long leash, so keep Fido very close at all times. Having pets on the go means that you clean up after your pet promptly and only permit them to drink from water sources that you have personally provided to them.

* During your stop never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle for any amount of time. Even on a comfortable day, the inside of your car can heat up like an oven, even with the windows cracked. Leaving your dog unattended in a vehicle could result in heat stroke even in the short time it takes you to grab a snack. Plus, even if your dog is not in danger, passers-by could create a situation by deciding that your dog needs to be rescued and smashing the windows in your car to get to them.

Here at Take Your Pet, we can’t stress enough that you need to be vigilant and careful when having pets on the go on a long weekend. Pet friendly hotels will fill up fast, so book early and make reservations for any place that you want to visit. Always keep your pet on a short leash during the long weekend, and take the time to make sure that they are safe and comfortable while your family enjoys the extra days of fun.

To find pet-friendly accommodation for Anzac Day, Easter or the June Long Weekend click here.

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